Who Said It?

The highlights… Ginger found Elvis, then got ready, then noticed that Elvis hadn’t moved, and then called for help? Ginger called for help and Lisa Marie answered? Lisa Marie “called for help” and Al Strada answered? Are they using the phone here? Where was Lisa Marie that she had to call Al? Al Strada “called […]

The Ghost of Dr. Nick

Was Dr. Nichopoulos at Graceland before the ambulance arrived on August 16, 1977? Most say he was not, and yet more than a few say he was. The ever-weakening official story goes that Dr. Nichopoulos arrived at Graceland at approximately 2:45-2:46pm, just as the ambulance was preparing to exit the property. He got into the […]

Kirk’s Log: Revisited

“Kirk’s Log” is the timeline record kept by National Enquirer guy Jim Kirk, and is featured in Dick Grob’s magnum dopus, “The Elvis Conspiracy?” In Kirk’s Log, we find an hour-by-hour account that Kirk supposedly kept as the events in Memphis unfolded over the days from August 16 to August 20, 1977, though it is […]

The Alicia Kerwin Timeline

Just for the record: The Alicia Kerwin Timeline, according to Alicia Kerwin (from March 29, 1980, interview): First meeting with Elvis: AK arrived at Graceland at 10:00pm, stayed for ~2 hours. Activity upstairs, busy preparing for tour [Note: There was no tour scheduled until April 21. AK later mentions that, “the tour was the following […]

The “If Linda…” Fallacy

On page 195 of David Stanley’s book, “Life With Elvis,” there are a whole bunch of assumptions and conclusions that absolutely boggle the mind. The main mind-boggler is that Linda Thompson, had she been with Elvis at the time of his death, would have saved his life. Seriously? How has this idea stayed afloat for […]

The Placebo Myth

Placebo (a term used here for the sake of clarity): “An inert substance usually prepared to look as similar [as possible] to the active product investigated in a study.” A number of directly-involved parties have defended their care of Elvis over the years, as have many, many disinterested parties, by citing the efforts of Elvis’s […]

The Backyard Pharmacy®

For X number of years, leading up to August 1977, Elvis had on his staff what was essentially a live-in nurse: a nurse who lived on the grounds of the Graceland estate. What were her duties? What and who was she responsible for? When Elvis went on tour, Dr. Nichopoulos claimed he was responsible for […]

The Stanleys: Shifting the Narrative

Below are some observations and a bit of commentary on Rick Stanley’s 1992 book, “Caught In A Trap,” plus a few relevant topics and questions that came up during my review. Too often in Elvis World we see stories get slightly altered or shifted on the timeline (or removed from the timeline) and nowhere does […]

July 1977 Stockpiling?

For Dr. Nichopoulos and his supporters/apologists, the writing of large numbers of prescriptions for large numbers of medications was simply part of the care he provided Elvis and the many people who were part of the concert tours. That is, Dr. Nichopoulos wrote prescriptions for a lot of medications so that they would be available […]

The 4:pm Wake-up Call

We have been told for many years that Elvis told Rick Stanley on the morning of 8/16/77 that he did not want to be disturbed until a 4:00pm wake-up call/time. Presumably he informed Rick of this so that he would pass along the instruction to his brother when David Stanley came on duty at 12:00pm. […]

The Cleaners, III

This third part of “The Cleaners” is about two different, but related topics: first, and primarily, the case discussed walks us through a perfect lesson on the way Elvis information, and the attendant analysis, is mismanaged; and second, it is about another question pertaining to the “scrubbing” of the upstairs suite at Graceland on August […]

Vernon & The Autopsy Permission Form

The autopsy permission form was taken from Baptist Memorial Hospital to Graceland shortly after Elvis was pronounced dead on August 16, 1977.  The form was to be presented to Vernon Presley for his signature, and information about the autopsy procedure would at that time be provided and explained to him.  But right before this discussion took […]

Review: The Post-Mortem Documents

Over the years there has been continuing confusion in public resources (books, articles, message boards, etc.) as to the documents relating to Elvis’s death. These documents are the autopsy report, the Medical Examiner’s report, the death certificate, and the Permission for Autopsy form. Below is an overview of the facts pertaining to each, and how […]