[P.S.] N > K > N > ? > E

A brief postscript to N>K>N>?>E There is one part of the puzzle that should be addressed beyond the question of who was the conduit for drugs between Nichopoulos and Elvis. Below is a brief comment outlining this issue: On the morning of 8/16/77, it is reported that Ginger Alden was suffering some sort of pain […]

CSA/DEA: Secure Storage for C-II/C-III

From The Backyard Pharmacy®: During the Nichopoulos trial, Tish Henley testified, “that she had been in charge of the drugs at Graceland since 1975 and kept them in an overnight bag under lock and key in her trailer.” [“The Death of Elvis,” pg. 303] Here are several pertinent sections from the DEA Controlled Substance Secure […]

N > K > N > ? > E

Part 2 of “The Pharmacist and the Doctor“ “We can tell you that the Controlled Substances Act was enacted in 1970 and has been in effect continuously since then. Under the Act, for a controlled substance prescription to be lawful, it must be issued for a legitimate medical purpose by a DEA-registered practitioner acting the […]

[Q2] Billy Smith: ~1:45pm

8/16/77: Billy Smith says he was alerted to Elvis’s emergency situation by a phone call from Patsy Gambill at “a quarter to two” (~1:45pm), which is approximately one hour before we’ve been told (as part of the official story) that the ambulance departed Graceland with Elvis en route to Baptist. An alert at ~1:45pm would […]

[Q1] “Lying on the Bed”

At Baptist Hospital, shortly after Elvis had been pronounced dead, Joe Esposito told a MPD detective that Ginger Alden had found Elvis on the bathroom floor, she then called downstairs on the intercom for assistance, and that Al Strada had gone upstairs. According to Esposito, Strada then called for Esposito to come up, and when […]

Dr. Nichopoulos: The Call to Graceland?

Continued from “Dr. Nichopoulos: Arrival @ Graceland 8/16/77“ Dr. Nichopoulos stated numerous times that when he was paged on August 16, 1977, with the alert from Graceland, he immediately called back and spoke with Joe Esposito. Let’s walk through this again. First, some pertinent information on the technology involved: 1970s: Tone and voice pagers were invented. […]

The Ambulance of…Hope?

Have you ever walked down the street and seen an ambulance zooming by, sirens wailing, and said to yourself, “I am filled with hope looking at that ambulance”? Have you ever looked up the word “hope” in the dictionary and seen a photo of an ambulance? Did Patsy Gambill call Billy Smith at 1:45pm on […]


The location in the bathroom where Elvis was discovered by Ginger Alden has typically been referenced as somewhere around the center of the room, equidistant between the west wall and the counter (which is on the east side of the room), with the upper body generally towards the counter. We see this location in the […]


And lest we forget Grob’s second stack of papers, “Safe and Sound,” here is a bit more on “evidence”: From page 263: On the 2:20pm emergency call from Ginger, Grob writes that Ginger was calm during the call. This is a statement presented as fact, which runs counter to the account given by the person […]


Years ago I was often contacted by enthusiastic alivers who would tell me that they had “evidence” that “proves” that Elvis faked his death. They’d shout it from the roof-tops: “We have evidence!” And I’d shout back, “Great, show me the evidence!” But how much evidence did they show me? None. Zilch. Zero. Why? Because […]

The Ginger Hit Job, Part IV

Dick Grob came up with the “Ginger Hit Job” in 1977 and committed it to paper as early as 1979 as part of the synopsis for his book proposal. Years later, it eventually caught on and spread, reaching fans worldwide via books, interviews, and assorted commentary, until Grob’s first large stack of paper was published […]


A question I have never heard asked before: “Why did Dr. Nichopoulos go to Graceland after being notified of Elvis’s medical emergency?” The answer would seem to be pretty logical, and simple: to help his patient. But does this answer really explain the whole situation? According to the account Dr. Nichopoulos outlined in his book, […]

The Tour Stockpiles, Part II

July 1977 prescriptions, written to Elvis by Dr. Nichopoulos: What do you see here? A Nichopoulos “tour stockpile”? Percodan, and Quaalude, and Demerol, and Dexedrine, and Dilaudid…just stocking up for the tour. Oh, but wait, there was no tour in July 1977. So what were these drugs for? The “drugs are for everyone on the […]

Dr. Nichopoulos: Arrival @ Graceland 8/16/77

The Great Memory Lapse continues: According to the official account of August 16, 1977, Dr. Nichopoulos was contacted at Doctors Hospital by someone at Graceland at the time of Elvis’s medical emergency. According to Nichopoulos, this call came in between 2:30pm and 2:33pm. Remember Dr. Nichopoulos’s strange inability to recall very much about that historic […]

The Tour Stockpiles

There is a myth that Dr. Nichopoulos introduced into the Elvis community many years ago that attempts to explain and justify the massive amounts of drugs the doctor took with him on Elvis’s tours. The myth goes basically like this: Dr. Nichopoulos had to write many high-quantity Schedule II prescriptions just prior to each tour […]

The 1977 Hawaii Stockpile

Dr. Nichopoulos claimed a number of times over the years that he had to write massive (quantity) prescriptions because he was treating potentially as many as 100 people on each tour. On March 3, 1977, Nichopoulos joined Elvis and a small group of people on a Hawaii vacation. Here is a list of the prescriptions […]

Lies of Omission: The 8/16/77 Pills

“Lies of omission involve the intentional exclusion of important information, whereas lies of commission involve the intentional generation of false information.” As part of the police “investigation” into Elvis’s death on the afternoon of August 16, 1977, Sgt. John Peel asked nurse Tish Henley if Elvis had taken any medications just prior to his death, and she replied […]

Lies of Omission: The Great Memory Lapse

“Lies of omission involve the intentional exclusion of important information, whereas lies of commission involve the intentional generation of false information.” (Reference.) In Dr. Nichopoulos’s November 1979 deposition for the ABC News lawsuit, there are some critical omissions in Nichopoulos’s responses to several questions, and the absence of this information creates a different perception of what Nichopoulos did […]

Rick Stanley: Revisited, Again

Here we are again, looking at the strange accounts as presented by Rick Stanley. This time around, there are two particular pieces I’d like to examine, a video interview from 2010, and a short section of his 1986 book, “The Touch of Two Kings.” Keeping things in chronological order, we’ll start with 1986. On page […]

The Ginger Hit Job, Part III

“Indictment is a noun form of the verb indict, which can be used in the sense of making formal criminal charges or in the more general sense of accusing or criticizing.” [dictionary.com] From Dick Grob’s 1979 synopsis for “The Elvis Conspiracy?”: “…then perhaps social indictments and judgements can be evoked.” Did Dick Grob ever make any efforts […]

The Ginger Hit Job, Part II

Where was Dean Nichopoulos on August 16, 1977? Dick Grob and Dr. Nichopoulos said Dean was at Graceland, working security, answering phones, and paying close attention to everything that was going on. But was he? Let’s start here: Going by Dean’s own words, he was at the mall a little bit south of Graceland (a […]

The Ginger Hit Job

“Good, we’ll start blasting her [Ginger Alden] and change it around so it doesn’t look too good, you know…” Who said it? Well, Dick Grob said it, of course, referring to a Ginger Alden story/interview for The National Enquirer. And thus began the broad, never-ending attack on Ginger. We are nearly 44 years down the […]

Information in a Vacuum

Definition of “in a vacuum“: “If something is done in a vacuum, it is not affected by any outside influences or information.” (Collins English Dictionary) Recently I watched a video of Billy Smith and Jo Smith recorded in the early 1980s talking about August 16, 1977, and how they were notified that Elvis was having […]

Rooks: The 8/16/77 TV Schedule

Nancy Rooks writes in her 2005 book that she “thinks” she was watching “As The World Turns” on TV when Ginger Alden called downstairs for help. The time of this call was 2:20pm, as the story goes, but over the years we have seen a handful of different times also being mentioned. In a YouTube […]

Rooks: The Excursion

In her 2005 book, “Inside Graceland,” Nancy Rooks tells the story of Ginger Alden calling downstairs for help on August 16, 1977, but adds a few claims/details that she had not included in her first book 21 years earlier (thus changing the entire story). According to Rooks in 2005, when Ginger called for help from […]

Rooks: A Timeline Question

The Nancy Rooks claim re: David Stanley from her 1984 book, “The Maid, the Man, and the Fans”: This “bodyguard” referred to by Nancy Rooks was David Stanley, according to Stanley’s own account of the exchange. Rooks places the time that Stanley left Graceland at “around eleven o’clock” that morning, but if that is accurate, […]

Rooks: 1984

In 1984 Nancy Rooks released a book called, “The Maid, The Man, and the Fans,” which talked a little bit about the maid, a little bit about The Man (Elvis), and a little bit about one fan in particular (the co-author). What she didn’t cover here I assume she covered in her 2005 book, “Inside […]

Alicia Kerwin: Who was “Rose”?

In Alicia Kerwin’s 1980 testimonial interview, she states that during her second visit to Graceland she was in Lisa Marie’s bedroom and was introduced to Tish Henley. Also present, to cut Elvis’s hair, was Aurelia Dupont, as well as “someone else,” David Stanley, and “one of her sisters and her boyfriend.” The “her” in Kerwin’s […]

Who Said It?

Who Said It? – #1 The highlights… Ginger found Elvis, then got ready, then noticed that Elvis hadn’t moved, and then called for help? Ginger called for help and Lisa Marie answered? Lisa Marie “called for help” and Al Strada answered? Are they using the phone here? Where was Lisa Marie that she had to […]

The Ghost of Dr. Nick

Was Dr. Nichopoulos at Graceland before the ambulance arrived on August 16, 1977? Most say he was not, and yet more than a few say he was. The ever-weakening official story goes that Dr. Nichopoulos arrived at Graceland at approximately 2:45-2:46pm, just as the ambulance was preparing to exit the property. He got into the […]

Kirk’s Log: Revisited

“Kirk’s Log” is the timeline record kept by National Enquirer guy Jim Kirk, and is featured in Dick Grob’s magnum dopus, “The Elvis Conspiracy?” In Kirk’s Log, we find an hour-by-hour account that Kirk supposedly kept as the events in Memphis unfolded over the days from August 16 to August 20, 1977, though it is […]

The Alicia Kerwin Timeline

Just for the record: The Alicia Kerwin Timeline, according to Alicia Kerwin (from March 29, 1980, interview): First meeting with Elvis: AK arrived at Graceland at 10:00pm, stayed for ~2 hours. Activity upstairs, busy preparing for tour [Note: There was no tour scheduled until April 21. AK later mentions that, “the tour was the following […]

The “If Linda…” Fallacy

On page 195 of David Stanley’s book, “Life With Elvis,” there are a whole bunch of assumptions and conclusions that absolutely boggle the mind. The main mind-boggler is that Linda Thompson, had she been with Elvis at the time of his death, would have saved his life. Seriously? How has this idea stayed afloat for […]

That Weird Prescription

The August 15, 1977, Prescription/Order Spoof Misspellings, odd handwriting, incorrect info…this document has it all. Turns out it was created as a spoof insert for the bootleg record, “Elvis’s Greatest Shit,” from the early 1980s. Not a forgery, not a fake prescription…just an effort to mock Elvis, included in an album intended to mock Elvis. […]

The Placebo Myth

Placebo (a term used here for the sake of clarity): “An inert substance usually prepared to look as similar [as possible] to the active product investigated in a study.” A number of directly-involved parties have defended their care of Elvis over the years, as have many, many disinterested parties, by citing the efforts of Elvis’s […]

The Backyard Pharmacy®

For X number of years, leading up to August 1977, Elvis had on his staff what was essentially a live-in nurse: a nurse who lived on the grounds of the Graceland estate. What were her duties? What and who was she responsible for? When Elvis went on tour, Dr. Nichopoulos claimed he was responsible for […]

The Stanleys: Shifting the Narrative

Below are some observations and a bit of commentary on Rick Stanley’s 1992 book, “Caught In A Trap,” plus a few relevant topics and questions that came up during my review. Too often in Elvis World we see stories get slightly altered or shifted on the timeline (or removed from the timeline) and nowhere does […]

July 1977 Stockpiling?

For Dr. Nichopoulos and his supporters/apologists, the writing of large numbers of prescriptions for large numbers of medications was simply part of the care he provided Elvis and the many people who were part of the concert tours. That is, Dr. Nichopoulos wrote prescriptions for a lot of medications so that they would be available […]

The 4:pm Wake-up Call

We have been told for many years that Elvis told Rick Stanley on the morning of 8/16/77 that he did not want to be disturbed until a 4:00pm wake-up call/time. Presumably he informed Rick of this so that he would pass along the instruction to his brother when David Stanley came on duty at 12:00pm. […]

The Cleaners, III

This third part of “The Cleaners” is about two different, but related topics: first, and primarily, the case discussed walks us through a perfect lesson on the way Elvis information, and the attendant analysis, is mismanaged; and second, it is about another question pertaining to the “scrubbing” of the upstairs suite at Graceland on August […]

The Cleaners, I & II

The goings-on at Graceland on the morning and afternoon of August 16, 1977, leave a lot of questions unanswered. Assuming the questions are asked, of course. Below, I’d like to look at a few of these questions as they pertain to the clean-up and removal of medications from the upstairs suite, and then in Part […]

More on: The Grob Conspiracy

There are a number of people in Elvis World who closely follow the claims and accusations of/from Dick Grob, as they pertain to Ginger Alden. You all know who you are. These folks look to Grob for all the answers about Elvis’s death, his health, his relationship with Ginger, and the goings-on with Ginger immediately […]

About That Bone Cancer

In the following analysis and commentary, I am going to look again at the varying details of the claim that Elvis had bone cancer, a claim that was unceremoniously introduced into the public domain and then left uncorrected for decades by the very people who made the claim in the first place (while knowing for […]

Elvis World: Facts/Truth

Recently, as I have read numerous posts, Tweets, and commentary on Elvis written by his friends, associates, family, et al., I am reminded that we here in Elvis World have a very tricky problem when it comes to dealing in facts, and thus truth. Obviously most fans were not around to witness the incidents, events, […]

The Vernon Presley Letters

Did Vernon Presley write the letters he sent to Elvis’s fans? The answer to this question takes us to another question, and that is whether Vernon had his full mental faculties in the last few years of his life. Let’s look at two letters that Vernon sent, the first from sometime after March 1979, and […]

On Elvis Biopics, Part II

In an article posted this morning here, Priscilla Presley and Jerry Schilling comment on the upcoming Elvis biopic being produced by Baz Luhrmann. If I am jumping the gun on this, so be it, but I do have a few questions. Jerry Schilling: “I think he certainly asked all the right questions, as I will […]

On Elvis Biopics

This past week on Twitter, the wonderful deejay Argo, host of SiriusXM Elvis Radio, offered a few supportive comments to filmmaker Baz Luhrmann when Mr. Luhrmann announced that the role of Priscilla Presley had been cast for his upcoming Elvis biopic. I echo Argo’s sentiment, and I truly hope that Luhrmann knocks it out of […]

Understanding the Death of Elvis

This is the original piece written in Fall 2013 about Elvis’s death, the closing section of which is included in the post titled, “Review: The Post-Mortem Documents.” Understanding the Death of Elvis As the 36th anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death has passed, and his seventy-ninth birthday approaches, I am reminded once again, as I am […]

8/16/77: Harvey Team Lead

In 2010, I had the privilege of discussing the resuscitation efforts of August 16, 1977, with the physician who led those efforts. I may post details from that conversation here, someday, but am not sure. The doctor was very generous with his description of the events, and the details he provided helped to clear up […]

Vernon & The Autopsy Permission Form

The autopsy permission form was taken from Baptist Memorial Hospital to Graceland shortly after Elvis was pronounced dead on August 16, 1977.  The form was to be presented to Vernon Presley for his signature, and information about the autopsy procedure would at that time be provided and explained to him.  But right before this discussion took […]

8/16/77: Ginger Alden Revisited

On August 16, 1977, Ginger Alden (Elvis’s fiancée) was with Elvis in his upstairs suite, and at 2:20 that afternoon she found his lifeless body on the floor of the bathroom.  Since then, Ginger’s actions that day have been described in various ways, most of which are very much at odds with the facts.  Below, I am […]

The Pharmacist and the Doctor

Let’s take a look at the Dilaudid prescriptions from August 15 and early on the morning of August 16, 1977: From Dr. Nichopoulos’s book, page 13: DR. NICHOPOULOS:  “All I know is when Elvis called me about his tooth hurting this morning, he asked if I could give him something for pain.  (No narcotics were […]

The Lloyds of London Insurance Claim

One of the standard “go-to” pieces of evidence the alivers use to prove/support the death hoax is the Lloyds of London insurance policy, which they claim was purchased but never cashed/paid out. Thus, they reason, the insurance policy supports the hoaxed death theory since Elvis and the estate would be guilty of insurance fraud if […]

EP & OPFOPEN: A House of Cards?

At some point I hope to post a full analysis and commentary on the OPFOPEN case based on my discussions with the retired FBI agent who initiated and worked undercover on the case.  For now, however, there are several key pieces of information to consider, all of which come straight from this FBI agent: 1.  […]

The Autopsy Photographer

I had a very interesting conversation this afternoon with the person who took the Elvis autopsy photos on the evening of August 16, 1977.  We discussed where at Baptist Memorial Hospital the photos were taken, what the photos show, the film developing process, and several other topics related to this photographer’s job that day. (Originally […]

Review: The Post-Mortem Documents

Over the years there has been continuing confusion in public resources (books, articles, message boards, etc.) as to the documents relating to Elvis’s death. These documents are the autopsy report, the Medical Examiner’s report, the death certificate, and the Permission for Autopsy form. Below is an overview of the facts pertaining to each, and how […]

Aaron Spelling: The Final Word

Conventional wisdom in the world of Elvis-is-Alive theorizing tells us that Elvis spelled his middle name “Aron” throughout his life, and that Vernon Presley just pulled the double-A spelling (“Aaron”) out of thin air when Elvis died and he used that spelling on the grave marker. So, over all these years, the suspicion by those […]

1977 International Flight of Fancy

For as long as alivers have been peddling their wares, one of their go-to pieces of “evidence” has been the story of a man resembling Elvis Presley, but going by the name of “Jon Burrows,” purchasing a ticket to South America (Buenos Aires) at the Memphis International Airport (MIA) on the afternoon of August 16, […]

The 2:47pm Exit?

In the photo below, we see an ambulance facing west, either driving out of the Graceland gate, or parked just east of the guard house.  This photo was purportedly taken by Martin Davis when he stopped by Graceland on his way to a work site, and he stated to co-workers as they viewed the Polaroid […]

OFP: Elvis Was Not Involved

In response to those who claim that Elvis knew about the investigation into the airplane lease/buy-back deal his father was involved in, one of the FBI agents involved in the case says it succinctly: “Contrary to press reports speculating about PRESLEY’s involvement, agents said he did *not* know about the undercover investigation and was never […]