At Baptist Hospital, shortly after Elvis had been pronounced dead, Joe Esposito told a MPD detective that Ginger Alden had found Elvis on the bathroom floor, she then called downstairs on the intercom for assistance, and that Al Strada had gone upstairs. According to Esposito, Strada then called for Esposito to come up, and when Esposito arrived, “[I] found [Elvis] slumped over in front of the commode with his head lying against the wall.”

This is Joe Esposito’s first account, as taken down by MPD.

Then, after Elvis’s death was announced to the media, Joe Esposito stated (in front of cameras): “He was upstairs in the bedroom and I went upstairs to talk to him and he wasn’t breathing…when I got up there.”

Media: “Was he lying on the bed?”

Joe Esposito: “Yeah.”

This (above) is Joe Esposito’s second account, as recorded on video (here, @ 01:17 – 01:28).

Both accounts were recorded at Baptist after Elvis had been declared dead and the announcement of his death had been made.

What happened in the short period of time between the first account and the second account?