In this video clip, taken from a longer interview/comment a few years back (original source unknown), George Klein talks about his arrival at Graceland on August 16, 1977, and Dr. Nichopoulos’s subsequent confirmation of Elvis’s death:

And yet:

No one places George Klein at Graceland prior to 4:00pm when Dr. Nichopoulos returned to announce Elvis’s death to family and friends. Nancy Rooks in her book does not mention him. Dr. Nichopoulos in his book does not mention him. Ginger Alden does mention him, but not prior to 4:00pm.

In his own book, Klein does not mention Dr. Nichopoulos entering the house. In fact, Klein states (pg. 282) that he heard multiple news reports on the way to Graceland, which would mean he was headed to Graceland after Dr. Nichopoulos had already been there and notified Vernon and the others.

No account of Dr. Nichopoulos’s notification is in any way similar to what Klein describes in this video clip. “Ladies and gentlemen”? “Elvis Presley“?

How did Sandy Miller confirm for Klein that the story was true (that Elvis had died) if Dr. Nichopoulos had not yet returned to Graceland with the “official” news?

Klein describes the scene at Graceland before the notification of Elvis’s death by Dr. Nichopoulos as others have described it after the notification of Elvis’s death. Here, Klein describes “the after” as “the before.”

Klein commented in a 2006 interview with Elvis Australia: “After about an hour, Dr. Nick walked in and he confirmed it.” This would place Klein at Graceland just after 3:00pm, nearly 30 minutes before Elvis was pronounced dead at BMH, and only 13 minutes after the ambulance had left Graceland. If we factor in the notification via phone from Sandy Miller, this puts the call from Klein to Graceland around 2:45pm or so, right around the time the ambulance left for BMH. That is, Klein calls Graceland, Sandy Miller says Elvis is dead, Klein heads to Graceland (a 15-18-minute drive from WHBQ) and arrives there by roughly 3:00pm. None of this makes sense.

In Dr. Nichopoulos’s November 1979 deposition he listed those present when he informed Vernon of Elvis’s death and George Klein was not among those named.

Ginger Alden spoke with Klein after Dr. Nichopoulos informed Vernon of Elvis’s death but says he was not present when the announcement was made.

Here’s a serious question: Can any of these people tell the truth?