Recall that when interviewed by investigators at Graceland on the afternoon of 8/16/77, neither Dr. Nichopoulos nor Tish Henley revealed the drug storage and dispensing arrangement they were operating at Graceland, which is discussed here. In fact, both individuals were lying by omission when they failed to mention the arrangement since they both knew that it would be relevant to an investigation into the sudden death of a man, under their care, who was addicted to prescription medication. When asked in his deposition what he would have done differently had he known about the “large quantities of drugs” being prescribed and provided to Elvis, Lt. McCachren said:

I’m sure that the first thing that I would have done would be to confer with the Attorney General’s office and see where we could go or what route to pursue, but I feel sure that I would have made an investigation into the excessive amount of narcotics being administered…

Want to know why Nichopoulos and Henley remained quiet? There’s your answer.

And from page 266 of “The Death of Elvis”:

“If he [McCachren] had known the large quantities of drugs that Nichopoulos had been prescribing, McCachren said, the homicide bureau would have conducted its investigation in an entirely different manner. But as the retired detective’s documents showed, Nichopoulos and his nurse, Tish Henley, revealed only partial or misleading information about what Elvis’s drug intake had been that day.”