It is important to understand why the ambulance video now appears to be unreliable as a source, beyond the simple visual of what is seen. Timing and sequence are now part of a guessing game.

Let’s look at the David Stanley claim that he drove his friend, Mark White, down the street, then returned to the mansion just as the ambulance was arriving. He states that he arrived in the upstairs bathroom at the same time as the paramedics. But let’s look at the (edited) video sequence and see if this is possible:

First, the Datsun 280Z is seen heading north on Elvis Presley Boulevard, and it makes a wide right turn (from the second lane) into the Graceland driveway (watch the blue/green vehicle). The car proceeds through the open gate then turns left at the fork, heading towards the north side of the property.

01:54: The 280Z appears on EPB. Drives through gate at ~01:57.

02:03: The 280Z disappears from view going up the north driveway, then the film is cut. We do not know how much time has elapsed between the time the 280Z disappears to the time the ambulance is first seen.

02:03: Ambulance first seen in front of mansion.

02:15: Stretcher loaded in rear of ambulance.

02:17: Vehicle believed to be driven by Dr. Nichopoulos is seen moving left-to-right, then disappears when film is cut. We do not know how much time has elapsed between the time the Nichopoulos vehicle disappears to the time the ambulance pulls away from the front of the mansion.

02:31: Ambulance departs from front of mansion.

02:50: Ambulance exits through gate, turns right (north) on EPB.

Recall that the long-standing story behind this video is that it was filmed by a couple from Minnesota who were at Graceland to show Elvis their custom-painted van. The person distributing this video, Larry Patrick, said that the driver of the van was asked to leave the gate area because there was an emergency of some kind. Mr. Patrick also said that the gate area had to be cleared because Elvis might be driving down. Either way, the couple with the video camera would have had the camera focused on the front gate, logic tells us, so that they could capture on film either an ambulance arriving, or Elvis departing. In the ambulance video, though, we do not see the ambulance arriving, and we’d have to assume the siren was on and was audible before the ambulance drove through the gate. Where is this ambulance arrival in the video? We are asked to believe that these Elvis fans simply missed this with their video camera (even if there was no siren), but were attentive enough to capture cars and trees and their own van.

Keep in mind that when a video is manipulated, the only reason for the manipulation is to mislead the viewer.

So we have missed the arrival of the ambulance, but we have seen the 280Z arrive (or return), presumably driven by David Stanley. The 280Z is seen heading up the driveway to the north side, then there’s a break in the film, then we see the ambulance at the front of the mansion for the first time. What is not right here? The 280Z arrived and then we see the ambulance preparing to depart, which means, going by the official account, that approximately 12-13 minutes of footage has been removed (@02:03). Stanley says he arrived at the same time as the ambulance, and the ambulance arrived at 2:33pm, so the gap time is 2:33pm to 2:45pm/2:46pm, which is 12-13 minutes. Where did that footage go? Why was it removed?

It is also difficult to believe that the ambulance sat in front of the mansion for 12-13 minutes and the person doing the filming failed to notice it. So far, then, the cameraperson has (supposedly) missed the arrival of the ambulance, the (possible) siren from the ambulance, and 12-13 minutes of the ambulance sitting in plain view in front of the mansion. Is this possible? No.