The Great Memory Lapse continues:

According to the official account of August 16, 1977, Dr. Nichopoulos was contacted at Doctors Hospital by someone at Graceland at the time of Elvis’s medical emergency. According to Nichopoulos, this call came in between 2:30pm and 2:33pm. Remember Dr. Nichopoulos’s strange inability to recall very much about that historic day? In 1979 he did not remember who called him from Graceland, but in his 2009 book he remembers the caller’s identity quite clearly. From 2009:

The caller was “unmistakably” Joe Esposito. But what about Dr. Nichopoulos’s memory in November 1979? Well, going by what we see below, Dr. Nichopoulos’s memory wasn’t quite so reliable back then. Referring to this same phone call to Dr. Nichopoulos from the caller at Graceland:

How could Dr. Nichopoulos positively name the caller as Joe Esposito in his 2009 book, published 32 years later, but in 1979…a mere 2 years after these events…Nichopoulos could not name the caller?

Let’s break down this description of Dr. Nichopoulos’s arrival at Graceland, as presented by Nichopoulos in his 2009 book:

“As I pulled my car in behind the ambulance”: In the ambulance video (v07:23), the vehicle we are told was driven by Dr. Nichopoulos arrives at Graceland and is captured on video at 02:17 driving from the entrance towards the south end of the property, via the south/west section of the driveway. The vehicle passes the fork in the driveway, which shows us that the driver did not turn left at the fork. Continuing up the driveway towards the front of the house, this vehicle would have been facing north.

In the ambulance video, the ambulance is facing south. So if Dr. Nichopoulos had pulled in behind the ambulance, he would have also been facing south (or at least he would have been located behind the ambulance). But based on the ambulance video, his vehicle would have approached the ambulance from the south, which means the vehicle was facing north.

Why does this matter? Because Dr. Nichopoulos is describing something that didn’t happen, and his description is the opposite of what (presumably) did happen. Unless what we see in the ambulance video is not accurate, or is a misrepresentation.

“I could tell Elvis was already inside [the ambulance] on the gurney”: Really? How? X-ray vision?

Dr. Nichopoulos then goes on to describe entering the rear compartment of the ambulance, and notes that after he was situated next to Elvis’s body, Charlie Hodge and Joe Esposito climbed inside the ambulance.

But hold on, is that what we’ve been told all these years? That Dr. Nichopoulos got in the ambulance first, and then Charlie and Joe got in the ambulance? No, we have been told that Charlie, Joe, and Al Strada got in the back of the ambulance with the stretcher, and then Dr. Nichopoulos arrived and climbed in as Charles Crosby was preparing to put the vehicle in gear and head towards [Baptist]. Nichopoulos later mentions Al Strada as being present at Baptist after Elvis was pronounced dead, but does so as if this was the first time he had encountered Strada. There is no language from Nichopoulos to indicate that Strada rode in the ambulance.