In Alicia Kerwin’s 1980 testimonial interview, she states that during her second visit to Graceland she was in Lisa Marie’s bedroom and was introduced to Tish Henley. Also present, to cut Elvis’s hair, was Aurelia Dupont, as well as “someone else,” David Stanley, and “one of her sisters and her boyfriend.” The “her” in Kerwin’s account is Ginger Alden, as the interviewer then asks if this female visitor was “Rose.” After acknowledging that it was “Rose,” Kerwin says that “Rose” was very obnoxious, “real inquisitive,” and very rude, and that she wanted to know what Kerwin was doing there. Kerwin also notes that “Rose” was “bein’ a female,” which can mean any number of things. So, let’s break this down:

Kerwin says that in Lisa Marie’s bedroom, with her, was Tish Henley, David, “someone else,” Aurelia Dupont, Rosemary Alden, Rosemary’s boyfriend, and presumably Elvis himself. That would be eight people in the bedroom. Really? Eight? Seems kinda crowded, but OK.

Why would Rosemary Alden be at Graceland, upstairs, with her boyfriend, if Ginger was not there? What could possibly explain this? Who was she there to see, if Elvis had scheduled a haircut and a visit from another girl?

And the Big Question: Why on earth would Elvis have Rosemary Alden, the sister of his fiancée, over to his house at the same time he is entertaining another female? Are we really being asked to believe that Kerwin correctly identified Rosemary Alden as being present during this visit, and then after learning that she (Kerwin) was there to visit Elvis, Rosemary merely inquired as to what she was doing there, and was “bein’ a female”? Makes more sense that she would have pulled Elvis aside and asked what was going on, right? Also makes sense that had Rosemary Alden witnessed this meeting she would have mentioned it to Ginger, right?

Again, think about this: Alicia Kerwin is placing Elvis’s fiancée’s sister in the same room she is in, during a visit she planned with Elvis.

How can anyone believe this?

How would Alicia Kerwin have known who Rosemary Alden was?

Why did Kerwin not react to the situation she was in? In her own account she is visiting a man she knows is dating another woman, and that woman’s sister is literally sitting there in the same room, and yet Kerwin does not comment on this at the time, nor later during this interview?

And no reaction from Elvis?

(Also very interesting that the interviewer totally dropped the ball and didn’t say, “Hey, wait a minute…”)

The next question must be: Was Alicia Kerwin lying about this interaction with Rosemary Alden, or is this a case of mistaken identity, and the person referred to by the interviewer as “Rose” was, in fact, someone else?