Just for the record: The Alicia Kerwin Timeline, according to Alicia Kerwin (from March 29, 1980, interview):

First meeting with Elvis: AK arrived at Graceland at 10:00pm, stayed for ~2 hours. Activity upstairs, busy preparing for tour [Note: There was no tour scheduled until April 21. AK later mentions that, “the tour was the following week.”] This would have been Saturday, April 9, 1977.

Second meeting with Elvis: Lisa Marie had left Memphis for Los Angeles that day to return to her mother, and Elvis was upset. [Note: Guralnick writes that Lisa had arrived in Memphis for a visit on April 5.] When AK arrived upstairs, Aurelia Dupont was cutting Elvis’s hair. Tish Henley was also present. AK was at Graceland from 8:30pm to 11:00pm. This would have been Monday, April 11.

Day after 2nd meeting: Elvis called AK and invited her to Graceland. This would have been Tuesday, April 12. AK told Elvis that she could not come over because she had a date. Elvis then proposed the Las Vegas trip for the following day.

The following day: Elvis and AK flew to Las Vegas, leaving around 11:00pm on Wednesday, April 13. AK said that prior to leaving for the airport in Memphis that evening, she had “gotten to the motel.” What motel? Everyone who accompanied Elvis on this short trip to Las Vegas resided in Memphis, didn’t they? Or, perhaps, was there some sort of motel-based meeting place that Elvis and his entourage used…?

That week: Elvis, AK, and the group stayed in Las Vegas until Saturday, April 16, then went to Palm Springs, then returned to Memphis at 5:00am on Monday, April 18.

AK stated that Elvis called her “several times” while on tour that April (following the Las Vegas trip). This tour was from April 21 to May 3, so these calls would have been placed somewhere between April 21 and April 30 (inclusive).

The next time AK saw Elvis was Saturday night, June 11, when Elvis invited her to visit him at Graceland after AK had attended a birthday party at her parents’ house. She arrived after the party and left Graceland at 3:00am.

The final time AK saw Elvis was, according to AK, “in between the last tours,” and “right before” the filming for the CBS Special, which would place this meeting between Friday, June 3, and Thursday, June 16 (inclusive). (The last two tours were May 20 – June 2, then June 17 – June 26.) Since AK’s previous visit at Graceland had taken place on Saturday, June 11, this final visit had to have taken place during the early morning hours of Monday/June 13, Tuesday/June 14, Wednesday/June 15, Thursday/June 16, or Friday/June 17 (though Elvis had a concert that night in Springfield, MO). AK was on the property from ~4:00am until 8:00am (Elvis had called her “in the middle of the night”), and at 8:00am she had to leave for work. This was, according to AK, the last time she saw Elvis, and she stated in the interview that she was not interested in a relationship with him.

To sum things up, then, Alicia Kerwin allegedly visited Elvis at Graceland on April 9 and then again on April 11; she had a date (with someone else) on April 12; and then on April 13 she flew to Las Vegas with Elvis, then went with him to Palm Springs that weekend, then returned to Memphis early on the morning of April 18. The next time AK saw Elvis was June 11, and then a week or so later she visited him for several hours at Graceland, after which the relationship ended.

Can someone please explain to me how this relationship was so great and so deep and so meaningful that Elvis was willing to just drop Ginger Alden?

The Ginger-hater argument for Alicia Kerwin appears to be: “Elvis was so unhappy with Ginger that he was thinking of breaking up with her so that he could date a different 20-year girl who wasn’t interested in him but would visit Graceland at all hours of the night so she could read to him and talk to him and sit around until he fell asleep. To show his affection for Alicia, Elvis could not remember her name.”


Oh, and Alicia Kerwin’s main focus by mid-June 1977 was not her relationship with Elvis, but was apparently getting the paperwork sorted out for the car that Elvis had purchased for her in Palm Springs. She didn’t seem too concerned about Elvis…just the car.

And finally:

Several critical points pertaining to the Alicia Kerwin claims need to be emphasized here:

In the March 1980 interview with criminal investigators looking into Dr. Nichopoulos, AK was given ample time and space to answer the questions she was asked, and she often elaborated on a specific topic and provided additional information that might be considered outside the narrow scope of the question. However, when AK was asked about going on tour with Elvis, she did not mention the August 1977 tour that so many people cite:

“Q: Did you ever go on tours?

Kerwin: No.”

Why didn’t she mention the mid-August tour if she had planned on going?

When asked about the last time she saw Elvis (which would have been in the first half of June), she said:

“Q: This is the last time you ever saw Elvis Presley? Is that correct?

Kerwin: Yeah.

While both of these responses are true, notice that on the question about going on the tours, AK could have easily, and expectedly, mentioned that while she had not gone on a tour with Elvis in April or June, she had planned to accompany him on the mid-August tour; and when responding to the question about the last time she saw Elvis, she could have easily, and expectedly, said that she would have been seeing him again on the mid-August tour. But she didn’t.

During a lengthy back-and-forth in the interview about the trip to Palm Springs, AK had plenty of opportunities to talk about the drug reaction Elvis experienced one night (resulting in irregular breathing) but she did not mention it (even though Billy Smith said Alicia was “scared to death” by this incident). Why didn’t she mention this, in an interview where the primary focus is Elvis’s drug use? Seems kinda relevant, doesn’t it? Or the other time, also mentioned by Smith, when Kerwin was present during another bad drug reaction? Smith notes that this incident also frightened her. Throughout the interview, AK outlines in detail her visits with Elvis, and describes the people present, where they were, what time it was, etc., but she fails to mention two bad drug reactions? Why did she not mention these two incidents to investigators?

And some Elvis fans believe this girl was interested in a relationship where this kind of drug abuse is going on?


It is also worth mentioning that while doctors were coming and going during the Las Vegas and Palm Springs visits, Elvis kept these visits/discussions private and away from Kerwin. It would be quite easy to conclude that Elvis was intentionally keeping his drug use (or implications of it) hidden from her. Why was it, then, that on the two occasions described by Smith, Elvis got so loaded on drugs that AK was “scared to death”? Did he think she wouldn’t notice? He didn’t want her to see the doctors, but he was okay with her seeing him so out of it that she was “scared to death”?

On a side note, in discussing the Las Vegas and Palm Springs parts of this short trip, AK mentions that she spent most of the time shopping (Las Vegas) or sitting out by the pool (Palm Springs), and apparently spent time with Elvis only at night.