The August 15, 1977, Prescription/Order Spoof

Misspellings, odd handwriting, incorrect info…this document has it all. Turns out it was created as a spoof insert for the bootleg record, “Elvis’s Greatest Shit,” from the early 1980s. Not a forgery, not a fake prescription…just an effort to mock Elvis, included in an album intended to mock Elvis. So there ya have it.

Note (03/20/2021): On page 255 of Billy Stanley’s, “Elvis, My Brother,” Stanley writes that early on August 16, 1977, Elvis sent Rick Stanley out to fill a prescription after Elvis had returned from the dentist. According to Billy:

Not sure now Rick “knew” that this prescription was “meant to last through the forthcoming tour” considering that this is not a prescription, and that this document did not even exist in 1977. As mentioned above, this mock prescription was created for, and included in, an album released in the early 1980s.

(More on the Billy Stanley book later.)