For as long as alivers have been peddling their wares, one of their go-to pieces of “evidence” has been the story of a man resembling Elvis Presley, but going by the name of “Jon Burrows,” purchasing a ticket to South America (Buenos Aires) at the Memphis International Airport (MIA) on the afternoon of August 16, 1977.  There has never been any evidence offered as to who witnessed this ticket purchase, how this witness knew the purchaser’s name was “Jon Burrows,” nor how this witness knew the particulars of the ticket purchase.  But who cares about the facts, right?

In Elvis Decoded, a trusted source provided me with information indicating that no international flight tickets were available for purchase at MIA in 1977, but I want to post the response I received recently from a representative of the airport to add further clarity and weight.  In a response to my inquiry as to whether an international flight ticket could be purchased at MIA in 1977, the representative stated:

“There were no international flights from Memphis International in 1977.”

“An international flight ticket could not be purchased at MIA in 1977.  A domestic ticket would have to be purchased which would then connect you to the nearest airport that flies to your international destination.”